The Goss on Terry

G’day, I’m Terry after many many years I have discovered I’m a helper/teacher.

This ‘about me‘ business feels a bit like bragging and I am uncomfortable with that so I have devised a structure to help.

Who am I??

Well that is what this is all about so please see above ⇧ and below ⟱, also here is a link to my LinkedIn profile

Why am I doing this?

I have always felt there is more to living than the 9 to 5 grind selling my time for money so I evolved from a tradesman to owning my first business.

I think a JOB stands for ‘Just Over Broke’…   I’m not too happy with that.

Even so…

With work providing lots of satisfaction along the way, I still feel I must continue to learn to be better, do more, have more and be more. Besides I and my family can spend money very fast so I need to continue to make money.

Why This opportunity?

  • Time options are mine to determine
  • Money is very lucrative
  • Great community to support me
  • Free comprehensive training
  • Choice to go free or paid – I like to choose
  • Closest I have found to passive income
  • Something even I can do
  • Something I will do
  • Grow at my own pace
  • It’s not MLM or Pyramid sales
  • It is not a scam (Thank YOU)

Plus I have a couple of huge outrageous dreams I’d love to achieve sooner rather than later.

Where? At or Heading?

Now.. I am in debt with bills to pay and possibly with more days behind me than in front of me. Regardless I still help someone everyday to become better at something.

I help people and have been since my early 20’s maybe earlier.  Thats about 40 years doing things to help people. Something that gives so much satisfaction is addictive.

I join helper communities so I can have lots of support with like minded people because I believe we can achieve more working together than we can working alone.

Would you like to join me at Wealthy Affiliate? If so check out my review page then you may decide to join WA to create your free Starter membership.  This is where I network with others and offer my help each and every day to people like you, and where I make money.


Right here and right now.  The past is history, the present is our gift and the future our dreams

Being a doer more than a dreamer I seem to be continually busy but, boy oh boy I can dream as well.  I have owned 3 businesses (all began as dreams) and this will be my fourth but my first online business, so I am going through a massive learning curve now.


I’ve joined a company called Wealthy Affiliate. So far I have been building a website, writing articles, teaching others business principals I know, publishing pages and the future holds more doing, like making videos and audios, giving, uploading, building lists, outsourcing plus selling and marketing. Isn’t it exciting?


I have no idea. I am simply learning each lesson and then doing exactly what WA tells me to do.  I have incredible certainty that by doing this I will succeed and if you choose to, you will too.

At 63 and starting again, Silly or Smart?

Again, I am Terry.  Thanks for reading this far. If you wish, feel free to contact me or, if you ever need help you can always get in touch with me via Wealthy Affiliate University this  is a link to my WA profile.



8 thoughts on “The Goss on Terry

  1. Hi Terry, good to meet you. A love the goss about you, interesting, entertaining and down to earth. Your slogan as well is very catchy ‘ The past is history, the present is our gift and the future our dreams’ you should try to incorporate this somewhere within the header for your site.

    All the best with your new venture.

    Also a member of Wealthy Affiliate, the best program to help yourself on the net.

      1. Hi, Terry. I’m also named Teri & I was looking at sites of people following me. I’m a newbie – last day is today but I’ll be going premium. I just wanted to say I really liked your website. I just didn’t see where to write a comment. That’s why I hit the reply tab under your reply to Liz. Good luck with all you do. Teri28

        1. Hey Teri,

          Sorry for the late reply. I have been AWOL for a while but back on the trail now. Thanks for your kind words about my site. I am hoping to make it better and earn some money in the next 12 months. All the very best to you and I hope you are successful as well.


  2. Hi Terry,
    I love your definition of a job: Just Over Broke 🙂
    Anyway, I was looking for ways to earn money online. So, your recommendation sounds interesting!
    What are the downsides of Wealthy Affiliate?

  3. Hi Terry, just reading about you I can see we have a lot in common. I also came from a trade background and switched to coaching – career coaching to be precise. It’s quite different to other coaching areas, but there is of course some common ground.
    I love your line where you say JOB means Just Over Broke. Is that your own? I hope you don’t mind if I use it?

    When I started writing this I wasn’t doing so with the intention of spamming or promoting myself but the thought did occur to me that if you’re helping people who are making career decisions you might find my site useful. Essentially it’s about helping people manage career change but it doing so, it also deals with career development. You’ll find it here
    All the best to you and yours Terry.

    1. Thanks for your comment Eoin, Yes I borrowed the JOB saying many years ago from someone. Happy for you to use it as well.
      I think there are many of us here in WA with a similar background and a similar desire to be better.

      I consider you to be smart, thinking ahead and putting a plug in for your website at the same time since we have aligned topics. I will do the same once I have mine presented a bit more effectively. I notice that the video you have up is showing as private so I can’t watch it. Is that intentional? and why?

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