How to Make Your Website

How to Build Your Website for Free

A bit over ten years ago our son decided he wanted to make a website and he got these huge books that, well I thoughttriplicate you had to be from another planet to read.  The titles said HTML and other letters I didn’t understand. During this time I gave the whole ‘how to make your website’ and the discussions a very wide berth. They were in my opinion impossible to understand. Fortunately he decided against how to make a website for free and web design then we got rid of the books. He took Graphic Art up and has followed that path since, good on him.

Then in my pervious business I paid people lots of money to make a website that in their words “it’s an online add that my clients could look at, a bit like yellow pages but cheaper” and as hard to find. Very few really understood the mythical SEO let alone promote it as the way to achieve real people visiting your site because they want to.

Not too long ago circumstances put me in the position to join Wealthy Affiliate and learn a new occupation. With that learning was the need to build a website.  How amazed was I to follow the simple 4 step method and have my first website.  There is a video below to demonstrate to you how simple it is.



What do you reckon about that?  Awesome compared to what I had thought was involved.  Now I like the process so much I have several sites and continuing to build each one as I learn more about how.

I think over a period of time and several successes I can see having many sites providing money each hour of the day and helping many other people to develop their skills in the different interests adopt.  If you are even slightly interested in how to build a website for free – I suggest you go and have a play and prove to yourself how easily you can do it too.  >>>>  Try it here