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A weary traveler covered in dust knocked on a farmhouse door. The door was opened by the farmers wife, she welcomed him in because he was after some lodgings for the night. She told him to go clean up at the well and come back in to
rest until night fall when husband John will be in from the field.

They sat down later and ate their meal and then John the farmer and the traveler retired to the lounge room around the fire sitting and relaxing and having conversation.

John spoke of the hardships, the calluses on his hands, the dry of the desert and the difficulties ploughing the land. How the goats were getting thin because we hadn’t had any rain for some time and how his dreams were to one day be wealthy enough to save up enough money to educate their children so that they in turn could live a better life and
be wealthy as well.

The travellers spoke of his travels and the world and how amazing that was, the wealthy people in the cities but also the other side of the coin of the poor in the city’s.

During their conversation the traveller looked at the mantle saw there was a stone up there and he asked John “Whats that stone on your mantle, John?” “It looks a little bit different than the usual stones you see around”.

John said “Oh, thats a stone I dug up with the plough and I must have chipped it and the sun reflected on the crystal inside and caught my eye so I decided to wash it up and keep it on the mantle for luck sake”

The traveller said “Do you mind if I have a closer look at it?” John tossed him the stone very casually. The traveller did have a close look at it and then he closely scrutinised the stone, very closely to several minutes.

He held it up and said to John “Do you have any more like this in your field?”

“As a matter of fact I do have some more like this, quite a number, not quite that big though, this is quite a different one it is a little bit big”

The traveller said “Yes it is is an unusual one, you see John, I’m a diamond merchant by chance. In my travels I’ve never ever seen a diamond this big, this Diamond will make you a most wealthy person for the rest of your life and for the rest of your children’s lives.

“Just this one diamond if it cuts up as a one-piece diamond, would have to be close to the biggest one in the world and means it is very expensive.”

“If you have many more there, you may have the makings of a diamond mine and therefore you are very wealthy, and your family wealthy, for many generations”.

The farmer couldn’t believe it he said ” No! there is no way I could be walking around on this fortune while ploughing the field, trying to get corn to grow and keep the goats alive.

But, that was the case and they formed an agreement to do business and went their own ways to become successful.

It’s a lovely metaphor, for the fact that we have all the resources we need within ourselves. Although I didn’t understand the metaphor earlier on when I first heard the story and I often dug in my backyard looking for the ‘pot of gold’ or some other valuable trinket that just might happen to appear while doing my garden

However for over forty years i’ve worked hard and eeked out a bit of a living and saved up a little nest egg before I had to retire some time ago, because the physical work was too much for me.

So over that past period of time my nest egg has dwindled away – some given away, some incidences happened, some investments falling over and also some scams that these ‘gurus’ have convinced me to buy – my responsibility entirely I understand, but I still got roped in being a gullible character.

They’re half my age and they’re showing me how to make a million dollars over night, by showing their spreadsheets on their computer screens as if their spreadsheet is going to make me a lot of money.

They give me guarantees that seem to be false promises and too good to be true is usually too good to be true.

So there has been a certain amount of pain and I think, you know, I’ve been looking for something… I don’t need to be a really, really, wealthy person, what I would like to do is go from a situation where, I’m in a little bit of hardship but would like to be in a little bit of comfort, not necessarily in a place of being poor, really poor and wanting to be very wealthy.

I think I mean that middle road area for me.

So I’ve been looking… and throughout the scams and being scammed, I started to investigate each proposition that comes along. I’d go to Google and use the research tool and over the last year or so I’ve seen the occasional item in a forum, somebody saying that they’ve been burned by this scam too.

However some time ago they found WAU and they found that to be very, very good, a great community and a great process. I ended up seeing that same comment two or three times over a period of time and thought alright I must investigate this WAU.

So I did some research on that and I stumbled across the Wealthy Affiliate University website. I didn’t have to jump through hoops there wasn’t a fancy long video to sit through at the start, and I just had to put my email and my password in, and I got access to a ‘try before you buy’ scheme, try before you buy, you don’t have to spend any money, you can actually just go in, get your website and try to see if it works for you. Brilliant!!

I thought that was so good, then, I discovered this whole community of people in there supporting each other, encouraging new people as they come in, to keep going, to move forward with the lessons, to ask as many questions as you possibly can so that you can learn through the process of how to build up a small online business.

I liked that. I thought it brilliant, I spent a month in there for nothing, investigating it, before I decided, before I did anything or make any commitments.


I don’t want you to accept anything I have to say
and I don’t want you to reject anything I have to say either
I’d like you, if you are at all interested in having some kind of purpose in what you’re doing, creating a little business for yourself.. to go in with an open mind.. do your own due diligence, do your own research by playing with it.

Look at the courses in the training

Ask questions, find out, and when you do, you’ll probably come to the same conclusion I did, if that’s your cup of tea.

If it’s not something you want to do then you can make that decision and say “not
interested” and bail out.

Don’t be influenced by anyone else make your decision.

Click on the link below and have a GO… and then maybe I’ll see you on the inside
and maybe at some stage we can have a chat, we can compare our own Acres of Diamonds.

Click the link below and have a GO!
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