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8 thoughts on “Find Part Time Jobs

    1. Thanks for your comment Willie,
      Yes I can resonate with your reluctance. Been there and a bit still lingers.
      Gurus really P#@s me off because of their cheap conman tactics preying on the emotional & financially vulnerable.
      Be proud to make your choice

  1. Love the story of the farmer, I totally agree that WA is a great place to be. I’ve also been scammed by the self proclaimed gurus and the only one who profits are them. like you said, what I really like about WA is that you can try before you buy. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting friends from all over the world. In my opinion there’s nothing like it on the internet.

    1. Thank you Jasmin
      I’m glad you liked the story it is a favourite of mine that I think fills me with hope and determination to uncover my acres of diamonds.
      have a prosperous journey at WA

  2. Hi Terry,

    You are off to a great start here and I appreciate your passion and desire to help folks to better themselves.
    I too must admit to suffering through some hard knocks on my way to Learning How to Safely Earn Online.

    Your attitude is great and I wish you wonderful success, my best,


    1. Thank you Gary,
      I appreciate your support and guidance. Rest assured when needed I will ask for your expert help and action it as you instruct.
      Thank you for your wishes of my success.

  3. Hi Terry, I love your website, it looks very promising and business like. I also like the fact that you are educating people who are retired like myself in online business applications. Your featured photo looks great, you should have no problem adding a few more writings because as you know people like to read and absorb. Great looking sight

    1. Thank you Glen,
      Your comments are too kind. This is a newish project for me so a large learning curve is being experienced.
      Having always worked with my hands, I’ve not been a big writer so this is proving to be an obstacle for the moment.
      I believe it will come together well by following the guidance of the community and supportive people like you. No man is an island.

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