Affiliate Legitimate Home Based Business

Affiliate Legitimate Home Based Business

– Wealthy Affiliate University Review

Overall Ranking: 97 out of 100 {Legit}
Price: $0.00 Free Starter level

Premium M’ship, $47 per month / $359 per year (Join Here)

Simple easy start up

Simple easy start up

Owners: Kyle & Carson
Website: Wealthy Affiliate

My Introduction to WAU

Wealthy Affiliate University is a community of people who are learning how to develop an affiliate legitimate home based business to secure their financial future and step away from the JOB ( Just Over Broke) circumstance in their life. For those who don’t have the JOB  and who need money or purposeful activity to make your life have meaning then this is just as important.

What Happens?

We are here to learn how to create our own website/s and how to make that website rank high on the organic side of Google and the other search engines. If you can make a sandwich you can build a website, it is that easy with the training here.  This enables us to monetize our website so we can become wealthy,  How you monetize your website is up to you or you can be guided by the suggestions throughout the trainings.

Website Example

Fancy Website Example

How does this happen?

You will develop the business attitude and see how the small steps to success are unfolding. Take advantage of the lessons to grow yourself into this position of confidence, growing from knowing nothing to having built a website is huge and very rewarding.

Importantly it is necessary to understand it will take some consistent work and time to reach your goals.  The instant pot of gold is the Scammers Lure. To me the decision is simple. This is the choice we all have ” Work hard to develop your dreams for you or, work hard to develop someone else’s dream for them”  I know which one I choose.

Sitting in front of a computer isn’t hard work which makes the decision even easier.  Our perseverance is where the hard work comes in.

Build your community of people who are willing to support you. Learn to use constructive feedback to develop yourself and your product. Once you have read this.  Add your comment so we can chat, good or possible improvements is fine.

My List of For and Against

Before we show you more goodies lets look at what I think are the good and not so good of WAU.


  • A Try Before You Buy Progamme (Outstanding)
    Thumbs up

    Thumbs Up Approval

  • A Simplified Getting Started Process (even I could easily follow and action the steps)
  • Free Step by Step Video training
  • Top community of supporters ( in 1 month more than a thousand people welcoming me with offers of help and support)
  • 2 Free Beautiful Websites
  • Reliable, Safe Spam Free Website Hosting
  • Free Specific Training, Tutoring, Webinars and Classes
  • Many Interactive Live Online classrooms
  • I Find it Easy to Follow the Lessons and the Videos
  • Free Live Feedback
  • Free Live Reviews of your Work
  • Work at Your Own Pace
  • Monetize Your Website How Ever You Want ( considering decency)

As with all things there are pluses and minuses so now for the minus


Like eggs and bacon for breakfast, the hens commitment isn’t anywhere as full on as the Pigs is.

  • And so it is with WAU. It takes a strong decision, and an even stronger resolve to make it happen and keep it happening.
  • It is not a quick fix get rich programme
  • The community is sensational but it can be a distraction from your main purpose at WAU. Take care and determine your balance.
  • My personal issue is all the writing. It seems a lot to me so I elected to video the opening page and will do more until I outsource the bits I don’t like to do.

On balance the for’s won the day for me and so I am smitten and hard at work making websites that are fully effective. I have developed a new set of skills and learning even more so I can excel in a new profession.

Who Is It For?

Since I am a beginner, I can mostly speak from that point of view, I believe it is ideal for beginners. Above you see what I struggled with and I found other ways thanks to the suggestions from the community.  However many of those thousand people I have support from have joined from different backgrounds and many were already experienced Affilliate Marketers and quite candidly say they learnt all the right ways to do what they needed to do and their businesses have moved forward in leaps and bounds since joining WAU.

There are Uni students, single mums, mums and dads, business people wanting to do their business website the right way, unemployed people and seniors at all stages of development. There are professional Internet Marketeers using the platform because of its safety, speed, security, advanced tools, training and community to help them take their business to the next level.

Training & Tool Box Overview

Free Training Classes

Free Training Classes

The Training is comprehensive, organized, and current within Wealthy Affiliate.  There is training for all levels of expertise, including training for even the most advanced marketer.   The training is offered in different formats

  1. Live Weekly Training Classes
  2. Question and Answer Periods
  3. Organized Classrooms (on specific topics)
  4. Interactive Discussions
  5. Video Training, Tutorial Training
  6. Task Based Courses

Seems like a lot right?  Because it is.  There are over ONE THOUSAND (1,000) powerful training modules within Wealthy Affiliate legitimate home based business, essentially each Classroom reveals an entire different online business model that could be used to generate a full time income online.

And that is just some of the perks to being a member of Wealthy Affiliate.  You also get access to ALL of the tools you need to run a successful business online…

The Tool Box…

Being an ex tradie I understand Tools are where the pedal hits the metal.  You can’t keep going and finish the job without the right tools on hand right now…

WAU is no different and they have the tools available.   Included in the members area is:

  1. WordPress Express (3 click website builder)wooden toolbox with tools. isolated on white.
  2. Access to over 2,000 website templates and/or themes
  3. Keyword & SEO Competition Research Tool
  4. Low Competition, Easy Pickings Keyword Lists
  5. State of the Art, Unlimited Cloud Website Hosting (Premium Members)
  6. Ability to add over 30,000 “features” to your website
  7. Rapid Writer, your content “friend”

Once inside Wealthy Affiliate, you don’t have to worry about the tools and services you need to run your business.  EVERYTHING is included, it truly is the only “all inclusive” online business platform out there.

Do You Get Support and Solutions?

Lets face it we are mostly an impatient lot.  So if you need an answer you need it yesterday, at least that is what I’d prefer.

I think this is just the bees knees part of the whole program. You have a problem ? simply port a question and there is a response within minutes at any time of day, this is a world wide community and there is always someone awake ready to answer.

To back up the community there is a support ticket system that responds very quickly.

Then if you are still unsatisfied there are the owners Kyle and Carson who seem to be forever contributing to chats, forums and answering questions of a tricky nature.

Legit work online businessYes, I get all the support I would ever need here, it is awesome.

Is  the Price OK?

Starter Membership, $0 (Join Here)
Premium Membership, $47 per month / $359 per year (Join Here)

The only real try before you buy training programme available. That means the price is $0.00 FREE.  You get access to live chat, 2 free websites, over 500 training modules, networking, 3 classrooms, commenting,  access to the keyword tool.

Why? Because no one else is doing it, and WA can because it is so attractive they don’t need to rip anyone off.  Lets face we buy what we want not what is shoved down our throats. What better way to convince us to buy, like once you test drive your favourite car it is hard not to buy it.

There is the premium membership that starts of as a teaser at $19.00 for the first month and then $47.00 after that. I think I can see $47.00 as a pittance once the money starts rolling in earnest.  Everyone gets a sales email offering this but you can decline and continue to work with your free 2 websites if that is your choice.

My Final Take on WAU

Join the starter, it’s $0.  As you can see I have done my due diligence and I suggest you use your free time to do the same. It is easy to sign up to try.  Here is a link directly to the starting point at Wealthy Affiliate  I want you to make me one promise however if you do join…that you will set-up your account.  It is simple and you will be walked through it upon joining WA.  You will experience quite a relief when you realise just how this affiliate legitimate home based business suits you.

Join Wealthy Affiliate, it’s $0 (Free)!

Try before you buy.. what could be easier

The Real McCoy

4 thoughts on “Affiliate Legitimate Home Based Business

    1. Thank you Gwyndaf, Please accept my best wishes for your success as well. I merely hope that it appeals to the people who find it on the search engines

  1. I too am new to WAU. But I am amazed at how simple the proses is once it is broken down into tasks. It dose take time its not as easy as pushing a magical button but , If you put the time in and take action on what you learn you will get there. And there is always help. You are never left hanging.

    1. Thank you Christina, I hasn’t seemed that simple or easy for me but I am pushing on and determined to learn so that it will be easier or simple. I agree that Im never left hanging , there is always someone to help simply by asking. Thanks for your contribution Christina

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